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Hot sale,multi-function luxury U.S. babytrend Baby cot / folding bed with a music box games PY86428


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Product Description

Deluxe Nursery Center - Mojito Item #: PY86428

Material: All components used in the product raw materials (plastic, cloth, metal, iron pipes, filled with cotton, wood, paint powder, printed materials) have passed the SGS environmental protection test and the eight non-toxic heavy metal testing

Products certified by ITS and ACTS International, through the United States ASTM F-406 standard safety tests.

Port capacity Standard: basic order hammock bed Wai + + diapers + sleeping pad positioning rack + racks + round + awning

IPOD music box built-in music, you can add MP3, a night light, can shake. Rotary bell music soft toys: Giraffe

Toys and music box for the random color

1. Can adjust the bed height in second gear, respectively, will stand up for your baby will be crawling all stages before and after use; the bed board put to bed, is the baby game, the best place to play, do not worry about knocking, baby all the activities can at any time through a fine mesh within sight of parents.
2. Positioning wheel can be more firmly fixed beds, but also brought the side of the bed without wheels moves easily pull the bed body effort.
3. Diapers frame for easy baby diapers, diapers can be overturned when not hanging on the bed side, and with a number of Zhiwu Dai.
4. Awning to avoid the strong sunlight baby.
5. Awning on with a cute little toy, but also attracted the attention of the baby.
6. Folded in the bag after the release of Collapse, the easy to carry out.
7. Quality and ACTS certified by the international ITS

Size: 102 × 72 × 75 to start
Collapse 80 × 25 × 25

Fitness and age: 0 months -36 months
The products are low-level and second-order double-layer multi-functional game sleeping bed.
The underlying application: suitable for infants and young children 0-36 months
Hanging second sleep level: suitable for babies 0-6 months

Metal pipe support structure, security firm, and the maximum load of 20 kg

1, the baby sleeping in the bed, when the security will not bump the game, my mother peace of mind at ease.
2, installation is simple, easy collection, put; After Collapse, small size, ease of collection.
3, to the relatives lived and small outdoor excursions, trips out and easy to carry.
4, on the awning with a cute little toy, but also attracted the attention of the baby

Safety Tips:
1 Make sure to fully open the bed and hold it in good condition.
2, please use care in the parents.

The bed is so soft color really is rare. Look carefully, the diaper / seat belt massage table, bed side locker bar, with several small animals, lovely awning, wrapped in cotton mattress ... all reflect the designer's care and thought, I hope, like love It is mothers, not to be missed.

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