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4 lamps Star Ferry Roller Skating Heelys full flash wheel Heelys Flying shoes Sliding halo five kinds of color options


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Zhejiang China (Mainland)
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Product Description

flashing rollers Children's gifts Star Ferry Roller Skating Heelys full flash wheel Heelys Flying shoes Sliding halo 5 kinds of color options

black , green, blue , pink and yellow

"Product name": colorful slide wheel (four lamp high stretch PU wheel)
Shoe shelf: ABS new building, bright, high intensity, good flexibility;
Wheel material: import PU, has high elasticity, high wear-resistance
Bearings: bearings 608z high-
"Parameters": the wheel lights: yellow, red, blue, green, four colors color light;
Fixed bars with screws: blackening, highly rust-proof;
Bearings: high-strength carbon steel, smooth non-resistance;
Color: black, yellow, blue, pink, green, etc, you can choose!
Small package: 19x9.5x11cm weight: 0.9 kg

Product characteristics "
1. the rays, the strength of fai. Small generators of the product by the wheel itself, to guarantee automatic permanent light without batteries. When sliding, wheels can wind the wheel of fire magic light show, let the player immediately the strength of Sun, easily a NACHA wind in the exhibition journey to color;
2. safe, reliable, simple and easy to learn. Beginners as long as two feet apart before and after guarantee, basically do not lose the focus fell. When the body loses balance, walk toe brake down and very safe. Makes you want to go to go, wanted to slip away;
3. easy to carry, adjustable size. Compact, overcome inadequate roller skate size carry inconveniences and trouble. Just a card on his feet, ordinary shoe immediately became a skating shoes. Shoe rack with telescopic function, can be freely resized, adults and children can share a shoe, suitable for different age levels of 5-40 population;
4. variety, games are diverse. Multiple colors such as black, blue, red, yellow, different grades of products, market prices ranging in $ 85-158, this shop was less than half of them), glide can roller skate to complete any actions, such as rotation, in-place slide after slide, free body, sideslip, s, can also be combined with playing more fancy street dance;
5. healthy, wholesome. Help to set upper thigh fat, bone development, body balance and coordination, developing young people's courage and self confidence; students in the class movement also helps to relax the brain and pressure reduction, it is good for health!
"Quality assurance"
Products distribution has high strength toughness of bracket and 6.8cm upscale laser round, high bomb, and wear, and high through, not broken and wear, ground of small pit can easily and had; wheels and bracket tie close, ABEC-5 bearing is speed and security of strong protection; elastic with has high elastic and strong toughness, does not deformation lost elastic; each wheels in with four light, LED glow brightness good, super long time Flash has guarantee (middle of wheels phase for on not light has);

"Instructions for use"
1. use Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screw on the shoe rack;
2. holding the ends of the wheel with both hands to pull it;
3. put the shoes, the heel;
4. holding the wheel on both ends to shoot with both hands tightly (shoes match closely with the pulley);
5. when the width is adjustable, the shoes out and tighten the screw;
6. put your feet, clip the rubber band to prevent loosening.

The products have a certain risk, with attention to safety;
Beginners need to wear protective gear or someone to help care practice;
Prohibited use in hazardous locations, such as vehicle-intensive roads, steep slopes, stairs, etc.;
I fault the harm caused by the shop does not bear legal responsibility.
(1) one foot on the other foot in front of, around the feet placed parallel, will rear toe lift off the ground about 4 cm;
2 Lift the front of the toes to about 8 cm from the ground, leaned forward and the body's center of gravity balance in the legs above.
Step forward with one foot, rear foot mention, the formation of the forward momentum, once he lost his balance, then immediately curled toes down;
Try again, taxiing before foot swing to drive the wheels glide speed and glide direction or to move around the feet to drive the slide

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